Leadership Spotlight: Welcome Evan Peters, Hypergrowth Expert, as Fractional Chief Business Officer

Even Peters, former VP of Growth Strategy at Datadog and Chief Commercial Officer at Dandy joins Lucinity as a Fractional Chief Business Officer. Evan will be responsible for driving growth results at Lucinity.

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We are thrilled to introduce you to Evan Peters, who has recently joined our team as Lucinity's fractional Chief Business Officer. Evan, a former VP of Growth Strategy at Datadog and Chief Commercial Officer at Dandy, brings a wealth of experience in driving hypergrowth results. With his extensive knowledge in revenue strategy, operations, and M&A for software and technology businesses, Evan is well-positioned to build on Lucinity's robust business model.

We sat down with Evan to chat about his motivations for joining Lucinity and what he sees as our unique contributions to the financial crime prevention industry.

What motivated you to start working with Lucinity?

"The unscientific answer is that it just felt right. But if I were to unpack that, leadership capacity and vision is the most important factor to me. And I could feel it from GK immediately, even over a Zoom call. That's not common. As I got to know the rest of the team, it became clear that there is a wealth of talent capacity here.

Leadership capacity is so critical because it powers business outcomes like Lucinity‘s track record of developing new products and attaching them to the user base very quickly. That is also rare at such an early stage and signals a deep understanding of the user. Secondly, the anti-financial crime market is big: the largest banks have tens of thousands of compliance professionals on payroll. Thirdly, compliance is a mission critical business operation -- there‘s always a market for it.

Putting together Lucinity's rapid pace of product innovation, its history of user adoption, and the size and criticality of the AML market, it struck me that something special is happening here. I wanted to be a part of this and contribute to Lucinity’s vision."

In your view, what sets Lucinity apart from other companies in the industry?

"In my view, Lucinity is distinctive for its first principles approach to compliance. Traditional anti-money laundering (AML) compliance focuses on scrutinizing individual transactions for hallmarks of suspicion. So analysts spend a lot of time parsing alerts triggered by discrete events – such as a single transaction above a threshold – without associated context. The heuristics that trigger the alerts are broad by design, which tends to result in a high frequency of false positives. Any analyst out there knows how frustrating and difficult it is to make a judgment about a discrete event (e.g. a financial transaction) with limited data context. That means analysts spend a significant amount of time manually connecting data points to reconstruct the context necessary to determine if an alert is indeed a false positive.

The Lucinity Platform is purpose built to address that lack of context by focusing on the financial actor with its core Customer Intelligence product. Instead of starting with a questionable transaction, Lucinity starts by associating that transaction with a multidimensional profile of the financial actor. This perspective shift offers a more comprehensive and contextual understanding, which not only reduces the occurrence of false positives but also fosters more efficient, continuous AML and compliance practices. It also means that customers do not have to rip and replace their transaction monitoring solution to achieve the desired state so disruption is minimal. The outcome is a happier, more productive compliance workforce and improved outcomes.

The rest of the Lucinity platform augments the core Customer Intelligence capabilities. Case Manager keeps all of the relevant context automatically associated with operational workflows and Luci, our generative AI copilot, recommends next steps and drafts reports. The result is continuous rather than discrete compliance analyses. That’s distinct in the industry."

Let's delve into Lucinity's innovative product, the generative AI Copilot, Luci. How do you see its potential impact on the industry?

"Because we’re at the very early stages of the AI revolution, we can’t be sure how these tools will evolve. We’ll see plenty of AI infrastructure, approaches and applications come and go. Only a subset of current tools are likely to drive long-term value for enterprises.

But when we consider enterprise AI adoption from first principles, Luci is quite compelling. Luci is purpose-built for its vertical use case in compliance, it trains on the customer's proprietary data and keeps the human user in the loop to apply judgment. Luci shifts analyst time away from repetitive and frustrating work toward synthesis and judgment thereby unlocking quantifiable business value without forcing large process changes (i.e. investment from customers) in the short term. As we discover better ways of working together with our customers, Luci will have built a foundation of trust and measurable outcomes to continue transforming compliance in partnership with customers.

The positive feedback we've received from compliance professionals so far highlights that Luci is getting some of those principles right. At a recent trade show I attended, a compliance leader remarked, 'Luci isn't a scary AI. It won't take your job away, but it will take away the annoying parts of the job that everyone hates.'

If we can leverage this opportunity and scale Luci effectively, we have the potential to deliver substantial value to our customers."

Closing thoughts from GK, Founder and CEO

“Lucinity is on an exciting journey, illuminated by Evan's insights and fueled by innovation and customer satisfaction. We're not just about adhering to regulations—we're about creating change in the financial crime prevention industry.

At Lucinity, we believe in the harmony of artificial and human intelligence. Our AI copilot, Luci, exemplifies this belief. Luci transforms complex AI data into clear, actionable insights, equipping analysts with the tools to make smarter, faster decisions. Luci’s ability to adapt to each organization's style ensures consistent, high-quality reviews and decision-making. By taking on the heavy-lifting of time-consuming tasks, Luci allows analysts to concentrate on what truly matters.

As we forge ahead, we are excited to partner with  Evan and look forward to applying from his experience to Lucinity and our industry. His expertise will no doubt accelerate our growth and enhance our innovative product suite. In essence, we see a future that's not just bright but transformative.”

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