Who are we?

We are Lucinity. We Make Money Good by helping banks and fintechs understand customer behavior so they can discover money laundering activity. Talented and passionate, Lucinians are essential to the mission of stopping crime that fuels crime.

Our Values

Simply Human. Shared Intelligence. Quiet Strength.

Simply Human

Simply Human is our commitment to develop solutions laser-focused on helping people, and our passion for simple-to-use products that support and augment humans. Our first-hand experiences with the problems in AML tools enable us to understand the wants and needs of our clients. By being Simply Human we strive to complement our clients without burdening them.

Shared Intelligence

Shared Intelligence is our approach that prioritizes open and honest collaboration, and the use of technology to augment and advance human intelligence and decision-making. Through Shared Intelligence we’re enabling our customers to  use their respective strengths together with technology to achieve a greater goal.

Quiet Strength

Quiet Strength, anchored in our company’s roots, is the pursuit of excellence with integrity and humility, listening to each other and our clients, always seeking understanding. With Quiet Strength we remain capable, passionate, and proud – without overselling our abilities.

How We Work

We Make Money Good from Reykjavík to London, Brussels, Vienna, Lisbon - and beyond.

How We Work at our HQ in Reykjavik, Iceland

Our headquarters are based in Reykjavík, Iceland. If you choose to work regularly from our headquarters, you will have your own desk with all the IT equipment needed for you to do your best work. You will enjoy amazing views that showcase Reykjavík harbour, the ocean and Esjan in all its grandeur. You will enjoy a lunch prepared by our wonderful Chef as well as a well stocked kitchen full of hot and cold drinks as well as Skyr, fruits and snacks. Our wonderful fun squad organises regular events, taking place at or close to the office. Both Icelandic and English are spoken at the office.

How We Work Remotely

If you are working remote, we will support you in setting up your perfect at home office with our home office support grant. You may occasionally be flown to Iceland for workshops and team building and we aim to bring everyone together at least once a year for Lucinity week which ends in a company gala. Our fun squad organises regular online events for everyone to have some fun together. Our official business language is English and any company meetings that include anyone working remotely will be hosted on Zoom and scheduled at a time that works across multiple timezones.

Perks of being a Lucinian

Flexible hours

Work when you're most productive, not just 9 to 5. We value results, more than hours.

Hybrid work

Enjoy the best of both worlds: a personal desk at the office and the freedom to work from home

In-house kitchen & chef

Savor daily healthy lunches and a variety of snacks at our in-office kitchen

Fun squad

Join in the fun with regular social events, both in-person and online

Home office support

Get a budget to set up your perfect home office environment

Share option plan

Be a part of our success with our optional employee share option plan

Lucinity week

Connect and grow at our annual Iceland gathering, filled with workshops and social activities

Phone & internet plan

Stay connected with a company-provided mobile phone and home internet plan

Learning opportunities

Expand your skills with our library of training videos and regular workshops.

Equity at Lucinity

To be able to continue to build and nurture the culture we want, a culture we love, we must make sure that gender, or any other diversity related factor, will not in any way affect decisions at Lucinity when it comes to hiring, developing or rewarding people.

Stories From Lucinians

Interview Process

Lucinity's interview process is thoughtfully designed to be thorough yet approachable, tailored to the specific role you're applying for. Initially, you'll engage in a value fit and cultural add interview to ensure alignment with our company culture. This is followed by a skills-based interview to assess your fit with the role. Next, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your expertise through a practical work sample, which could be a test, assignment, or case study. The process culminates in a final interview, providing a comprehensive opportunity for us to learn more about you and for you to learn more about Lucinity.