Equity at Lucinity

At Lucinity, we strive to build, support and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative. Where there is a deep sense of passion, pride and belonging that transcends any role, team, language or location and is unified in our values of Simply Human, Shared Intelligence, and Quiet Strength. We know through experience that bringing together different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds, in psychologically safe surroundings, creates a more creative work environment where results are better.

We recognize that each Lucinian who joins us has a different background and different superpowers. We aim to provide the resources and opportunities needed to ensure that all are able to utilize their superpowers and reach an equally great outcome.

We want to cultivate an inclusive company culture, and we know that it requires much more than a few gestures. We need to have a shared understanding of what diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging mean and how these things connect to catalyze sustainable change. At Lucinity, we approach belonging as a feeling, inclusion as a practice, and diversity as an outcome.

To be able to continue to build and nurture the culture we want, a culture we love, we must make sure that gender, or any other diversity related factor, will not in any way affect decisions at Lucinity when it comes to hiring, developing or rewarding people.

The People & Culture team at Lucinity aims to support and nurture a high-performance environment and a culture built on trust, where every Lucinian is able to realize and utilize their superpowers in our mission to Make Money Good.

Lucinity‘s People & Culture team statement

Lucinity's Pay Equity Policy

We want to ensure that Lucinians, in equally valuable jobs, enjoy equal pay and equal terms of employment. Our objective is to create and nurture a workplace and work culture where people, regardless of gender or any other diversity-related factors, have opportunity equity and are treated and compensated equally and fairly.

Lucinity has implemented a pay equity system as part of preparation for the confirmation of equal pay, which is granted by the Directorate of Equal Pay Iceland. Lucinians salaries and compensation shall be in compliance with local law and wage agreements, and all salary decisions shall be based on the nature, responsibility, and scope of the person's work, as well as taking account of each person's knowledge, skills, and experience.

At Lucinity, we are building and nurturing a culture of trust. Our goal is to make sure that all Lucinians have trust in our decision-making process when it comes to fair compensation, and that goal can only be reached if the process is clear, accessible and transparent.

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