We’re here to Make Money Good

Lucinity turns legacy AML compliance into a faster, smarter augmented intelligence tool. Since 2018, we’ve developed into a global AML provider that combines AI with the expertise of AML teams to enrich compliance within banks, fintech challengers, and payment service providers. We connect technology and purposeful design to help our customers discover money laundering faster and smarter while understanding their customers and implementing streamlined compliance.

A few words from GK, Lucinity's founder and CEO

Lucinity means "shine a light," because we illuminate dark finance and shed light on compliance. Our intuitive systems are simple to use, complementing the skills and ingenuity of compliance professionals.

Lucinity makes them superheroes to take on financial crime, saving institutions time and money. By transforming AML compliance, we can have a tremendous positive impact on society. That is why we set out to Make Money Good and create faster, smarter AML.

Guðmundur Kristjánsson (GK)
Founder & CEO

Our Values

Our cornerstone – ingrained in our culture, embedded into our product, and manifested in our logo – is Continuous Learning. It’s our never waivering commitment to constantly better ourselves, our products, and the service we offer to our customers. Our values govern our actions and ensure clear strategic direction. They are firm, but  – in the name of continuous learning - also descriptive and constantly considered.

Simply Human

Simply Human is our commitment to develop solutions laser-focused on helping people, and our passion for simple-to-use products that support and augment humans. Our first-hand experiences with the problems in AML tools enable us to understand the wants and needs of our clients. By being Simply Human we strive to complement our clients without burdening them.

Shared Intelligence

Shared Intelligence is our approach that prioritizes open and honest collaboration, and the use of technology to augment and advance human intelligence and decision-making. Through Shared Intelligence we’re enabling our customers to  use their respective strengths together with technology to achieve a greater goal.

Quiet Strength

Quiet Strength, anchored in our company’s roots, is the pursuit of excellence with integrity and humility, listening to each other and our clients, always seeking understanding. With Quiet Strength we remain capable, passionate, and proud – without overselling our abilities.

Equity at Lucinity

To be able to continue to build and nurture the culture we want, a culture we love, we must make sure that gender, or any other diversity related factor, will not in any way affect decisions at Lucinity when it comes to hiring, developing or rewarding people.

Key Investors

Karma Ventures
Preceptor Capital