We’re Here to Make Money Good

Lucinity is a leader in AI software for financial crime compliance. Lucinity's platform, renowned for its user-friendliness, employs advanced AI to provide fast, clear insights, enhancing efficiency and decision-making. Trusted by top-tier banks and FinTechs, Lucinity aids in ensuring compliance, operational excellence, and risk reduction.

A few words from GK, Lucinity's founder and CEO

Lucinity means "shine a light," because we illuminate dark finance and shed light on compliance. Our intuitive systems are simple to use, complementing the skills and ingenuity of compliance professionals.

Lucinity makes them superheroes to take on financial crime, saving institutions time and money. By transforming AML compliance, we can have a tremendous positive impact on society. That is why we set out to Make Money Good and create faster, smarter AML.

Guðmundur Kristjánsson (GK)
Founder & CEO

The Lucinity Journey

From an Icelandic Startup to a Global Leader in FinCrime Prevention

Leadership Team

Lucinity's Leadership Team, including the Growth Advisory Board and Executive Team, is composed of seasoned professionals from global giants like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Citi, HSBC, Amazon, Datadog, Currencycloud, McKinsey, and Chase. This skilled team collaborates to propel Lucinity's strategy and growth, offering invaluable expertise and guidance in our quest to deliver an outstanding product and achieve our mission to Make Money Good™.

Work With Us

We are Lucinity. We Make Money Good by helping banks and fintechs understand customer behavior so they can discover money laundering activity. Talented and passionate, Lucinians are essential to the mission of stopping crime that fuels crime.

Key Investors

Karma Ventures
Preceptor Capital


Lucinity's innovative products and services are protected by patents in the United States and internationally. Key among these is our Secure Lockbox, featuring pioneering PII homomorphic encryption and Federated Learning for Participating Entities, ensuring enhanced data security and collaborative analysis. These patents reflect our commitment to delivering advanced, secure solutions in financial crime prevention and data protection.

Ethical AI Pledge

Our Ethical AI Pledge is our promise and commitment to creating a better, fairer, and more transparent future with AI. Ethical AI matters to us because it guides us in developing products to fight financial crime. For Lucinity, the fusion of ethics and augmented intelligence isn't just about creating a better product; it's about building a better world.

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