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Meet Luci: Your AI-powered copilot

Welcome to the future with Luci

Luci uses generative AI to turn complicated data into action-ready insights. It understands and communicates contextual information, guiding analysts toward better decision-making, thereby improving compliance outcomes.

Will Staples
Group MLRO, Currencycloud
Luci will be a game-changer for us. Its ability to transform complex AI findings into actionable insights will empower our team to make faster, more informed decisions, saving valuable time and resources in our fight against financial crime.
Currency Clouds
Arion Bank

Committed to responsible AI innovation

At Lucinity, we believe in the power of AI to build a better world. Guided by our Ethical AI Pledge, Luci is a testament to our unwavering commitment to responsible AI development.

Built on trust

About Lucinity

The company's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences is evident in its platform, which provides unparalleled insights through augmented intelligence and generative AI. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Lucinity is setting new standards in reducing review times, enhancing insights, and optimizing operational efficiency. Trusted by industry leaders, Lucinity empowers institutions to ensure regulatory adherence, drive operational excellence, and effectively mitigate risks. 

Key investors

Karma Ventures
Preceptor Capital
Keen venture partners

Media Assets

Explore our collection of media assets featuring the Lucinity logo in both black and white variations. Additionally, we have provided a bio and high-resolution photo of Guðmundur Kristjánsson GK, Lucinity's Founder and CEO, for your use.

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Lucinity logo - white

Lucinity logo - black


Guðmundur Kristjánsson (GK), Lucinity's Founder and CEO


Gudmundur Kristjansson, or GK, is an accomplished tech entrepreneur and innovator with an impressive career spanning over two decades in the technology industry. His leadership and expertise have earned him recognition as a thought leader and pioneer in the field of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and risk management. With a notable career trajectory that includes leadership roles at prominent organizations such as Citi and his founding of Lucinity, GK's commitment to driving social change and making the world safer is unwavering.

GK's entrepreneurial spirit and unique perspective have driven him to develop innovative technology solutions throughout his career. As a Director of Compliance Surveillance Technology at Citi, he led the charge in catching the bad guys on Wall Street using his expertise in leveraging technology to detect and prevent financial crimes. His focus on behavioral data and network analysis set him apart, and it's what ultimately led him to found Lucinity. 

GK's extensive experience in the technology industry showcases his ability to use technology to drive social change. He's not just simplifying FinCrime prevention - he's contributing to the fight against financial crimes, making the world safer. GK's leadership and expertise have earned him recognition as a pioneer in his field, and his entrepreneurial spirit continues to fuel his passion for driving social change. 

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