Transaction Monitoring

Sharper Insights, Less Clutter.

Fast, Accurate, Reliable.

Advanced, Adaptable Detection

Leverage a range of techniques from simple rules to sophisticated machine learning, constantly refined for precision and user oversight.

Dive Beyond Transactions

Gain a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviors with risk-based monitoring, transforming complex data into actionable insights.

Seamless Regulatory Alignment

Effortlessly map alerts to relevant regulations, ensuring continual compliance with an up-to-date, traceable, and explainable system.

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Benefits at a glance


Craft and adapt your monitoring rules to align precisely with your specific operational needs, ensuring targeted and efficient compliance.

Simplified Complexity
  • Streamline compliance with easy-to-understand rules.
  • Configurable to fit specific organizational needs.
  • Enhanced control over monitoring processes.
Precision in Prevention
  • Pinpoint accuracy in detecting unusual activities.
  • Reduce false positives, focus on genuine risks.
  • Tailored rules for diverse transaction scenarios.


Understand customer behavior more clearly for smarter, more effective transaction monitoring.

Behavioral Insight
  • Uncover hidden patterns in customer activities.
  • Contextual analysis for more accurate risk assessment.
  • Real-time updates on customer behavior changes.
Enhanced Case Management
  • Intuitive naming for easy understanding.
  • Visualizations to illustrate suspicious behaviors.
  • Quick identification of repeated risk behaviors.

Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph seamlessly integrates complex regulations into your workflow, making compliance intuitive and comprehensive.

Regulatory Relevance
  • Connect every case to its regulatory foundation.
  • Stay ahead with proactive regulatory compliance.
  • Simplify regulatory explanations for stakeholders.
Stay Up-To-Date
  • Always aligned with the latest regulations.
  • Automated updates for continuous compliance.
  • In-depth insights for thorough investigation.

Continuous Learning

Our system continuously learns and adapts from your feedback and actions, ensuring your transaction monitoring remains cutting-edge and highly effective.

Adaptive AI
  • Evolve with ongoing user feedback.
  • Self-optimizing models for improved accuracy.
  • Stay ahead of evolving financial crime tactics.
Optimized Detection
  • Reduce noise, focus on meaningful alerts.
  • Proactive learning from past interactions.
  • Enhanced precision in identifying financial crimes.

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