Transaction Monitoring

Fast, Accurate, Reliable.

Self Service

Build your own scenarios in an intuitive interface with advanced features like backtesting.

Comprehensive Process Management

Control case generation with hibernation features, adaptive thresholds and easy segmentation of customer base.

Seamless Regulatory Alignment

Effortlessly map alerts to relevant regulations, ensuring continual compliance with an up-to-date, traceable, and explainable system.

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Benefits at a glance


Craft and adapt your monitoring rules to align precisely with your specific operational needs, ensuring targeted and efficient compliance.

Simplified Complexity
  • Streamline compliance with easy-to-understand rules.
  • Configurable to fit specific organizational needs.
  • Enhanced control over monitoring processes.
Precision in Prevention
  • Pinpoint accuracy in detecting unusual activities.
  • Reduce false positives, focus on genuine risks.
  • Tailored rules for diverse transaction scenarios.

Adaptive Thresholds

Enhance your monitoring precision by dynamically adjusting thresholds based on individual customer behavior patterns.

Intelligent Threshold Management
  • Optionally enable adaptive thresholds for monitoring conditions to fine-tune alerts based on customer behavior.
  • Automatically adjust thresholds parameters for individual customers based on outcomes.
  • Increase thresholds for customers with false positive alerts to decrease sensitivity to similar patterns.
  • Decrease thresholds for customers with true positive alerts, enhancing the system’s sensitivity.
Precision Monitoring and Compliance
  • Leverage adaptive thresholds for a personalized approach to transaction monitoring.
  • Reduce false positives and focus on genuine risks with dynamically adjusted thresholds.
  • Ensure precise monitoring by tailoring detection sensitivity to individual customer behavior patterns.

Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph seamlessly integrates complex regulations into your workflow, making compliance intuitive and comprehensive.

Regulatory Relevance
  • Connect every case to its regulatory foundation.
  • Stay ahead with proactive regulatory compliance.
  • Simplify regulatory explanations for stakeholders.
Stay Up-To-Date
  • Always aligned with the latest regulations.
  • Automated updates for continuous compliance.
  • In-depth insights for thorough investigation.

Time Machine

Leverage past data to optimize and validate monitoring conditions, ensuring robust and effective compliance strategies.

Behavior Testing Simplified
  • Test how new or updated monitoring conditions would have performed in the past before they are activated.
  • Choose from predefined or custom date ranges for behavior testing.
  • Analyze the potential impact of changes with a summary of alert statistics and number of unique actors involved.
  • Assess the effectiveness and fine-tune conditions before going live to minimize false positives and manage alert load.
Proactive Analysis and Decision Making
  • Gain insights from historical data to improve future monitoring conditions.
  • Reduce risks and enhance compliance by understanding past performance.
  • Tailored analysis for diverse scenarios, ensuring precise and effective monitoring.

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