Transform Financial Crime Investigations with Advanced Case Management

Alerts, Investigations, and Reporting. Simplified.

Lightning-Fast Reviews, Unparalleled Insights.

Streamline Signals
Streamline Signals

Unify all signals with Lucinity, from 3rd party alerts to suspicious activities, for more efficient decision-making.

Unlock Millions in Savings
Unlock Millions in Savings

Shrink case review times from hours to minutes and unlock millions in annual savings.

Boost Operational ROI
Boost Operational ROI

Automate compliance, focus your team's talent where needed, and enhance ROI while lowering turnover.

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Supercharge Your Efficiency with Luci, Your AI-Copilot

With Luci, your AI-copilot, embrace a world where decisions come faster and every action is informed by crystal-clear, AI-generated insights, ensuring operational excellence in compliance at unprecedented speeds.

Benefits at a glance


Consolidate all your signals in a single platform, whether they are 3rd party alerts or suspicious activities. Prepare and organize them for a streamlined case review.

Detect, Enhance, and Seamlessly Integrate
  • Consolidate Signals for Enhanced Efficiency: Bring together a wide range of signals in one platform, including transaction data, email correspondence, fraud and sanction alerts, and more.
  • Comprehensive Visibility: Gain full insight into each case as Lucinity connects alerts to their relevant entities, enhancing your investigative tools.
  • Effortless Integration: Integrate Lucinity's solutions smoothly with your existing infrastructure, ensuring easy and efficient signal generation.
Action, Audit and Tailor
  • Real-Time Action: Act swiftly in urgent situations like fraud with immediate alert handling.
  • Full Audit: Enjoy hassle-free compliance—every action is fully audited, from signal to resolution.
  • Configurable: Configure how you want to interact with your signal, what data to show, how to present it, the workflows around them etc.


Lucinity automates alert-to-case transformation, slashing investigation time from hours to minutes. Our user-friendly platform ensures all crucial information is readily available, empowering your investigators to make faster, smarter decisions.

Elevate Your Investigation Process
  • Context-Rich Cases: Access all needed context in one platform, there is no need for multiple system switches.
  • Investigation Co-Pilot: Automates summarization, file processing, diverse skills, lookups, and explanations for streamlined investigations.
  • Effortless Review Management: Easily add signals or communications to cases for efficient reviews."
Empower Collaboration and Control
  • Audit & Control: Ensure transparency and security with robust audit trails, detailed logs, and configurable access controls.
  • Adaptive, Collaborative Workflows: Configure your investigative workflows with options to split, merge, or delegate tasks, enhancing team efficiency and collaboration.
  • Evolving Intelligence: Continuous improvement through user feedback, secure document attachments, and third-party insights for oversight.

Regulatory Reporting

Simplify your path from detection to reporting, suitable for any jurisdiction. Our system tracks every step – from signals to final decisions – ensuring efficiency and clarity in your regulatory compliance

Comprehensive Reporting Simplified
  • Versatile Reporting Choices: Create diverse reports such as Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs), and more.
  • Straight Through Filing: Connect directly to FinCEN, NCA, and some GoAML jurisdictions using our API, and manage submissions, responses, and status changes.
  • Manual Filing: When regulators don't offer API integrations, generate pre-formatted XMLs and export directly from our platform for submissions.
Tailored Reporting Made Easy
  • Seamless Detection to Submission: Smoothly transition from detection to regulatory submission. Enhance consistency, reduce errors, and gain complete traceability of each case.
  • Flexible Integration: Use Lucinity's Regulatory Reporting as an extension or standalone feature. Our platform flexibly adapts to your needs.
  • Tailored for Every Jurisdiction: Adjust reporting to meet jurisdictional requirements. Ensure accurate, consistent, and tailored submissions to meet specific regulatory standards.


Improve financial crime prevention with our workflows. Customize each case's steps and phases to match your team's methods, making your process faster and more efficient.

Tailored Workflow Efficiency
  • Streamline Investigations with Structured Phases: Enhance your investigative efficiency by adopting a clear, step-by-step approach with defined steps and phases.
  • Configrurable Workflows: Ensure consistent process enforcement with adjustable workflows and diverse view options.
  • Strategic Data Insights: Leverage aggregated data for informed decision-making and optimal resource use, maximizing operational impact.
Enhanced Team Dynamics
  • Team Management Made Easy: Manage teams more efficiently with tools for configuring work assignments and precise performance tracking.
  • Smooth Team Collaboration: Facilitate seamless team handovers and parallel actions in workflows, tracked in an audit log.
  • SLA Management: Keep on top of SLA compliance with visual task prioritization, ensuring timely adherence to regulations.

Quality Assurance

Elevate your team's case handling with Quality Assurance. Perfect for managers and QA analysts, this tool offers a smart, structured way to assess, ensure quality, and give feedback that sharpens your processes.

Rigorous Quality Control
  • Automated QA Sampling: Implement unbiased and comprehensive case selection across alerts and investigations to maintain high-quality standards.
  • Dual-Approval Assurance: Integrate Four-eye Review checkpoints to validate accuracy and reinforce compliance at every step of the case review process.
  • Enhanced Review Objectivity: Utilize Blind Review capabilities to ensure impartiality in case evaluations, bolstering the integrity of decision-making.
Streamlined QA Process
  • Uniform QA Assessments: Use customizable checklists for consistent, detailed review procedures across all cases.
  • Efficient QA Interaction: Enable quick, interactive exchanges between QA analysts and case handlers for prompt issue resolution.
  • Role-Specific Access: Set access levels in the QA process based on team roles for proper involvement and oversight.

System Configuration

Supercharge Your Workflow with Lucinity's System Configuration: Your Central Hub for Tailored Efficiency. Configure workflows, screen layouts, team dynamics, and API keys to enhance your operational prowess.

Configurable Operational Design
  • View Designer Flexibility: Easily craft custom screen layouts with our drag-and-drop interface and configurable widgets for a unique user experience.
  • Workflow Designer Configuration: Adjust every aspect of your workflow to meet your specific financial crime prevention goals, ensuring a perfect alignment with your needs.
  • Optimized Workboard Management: Configure workboards to fit your team's dynamics, enhancing efficiency and performance in daily operations.
Intelligent Automation & Control
  • Smart Case Allocatore: Leverage the case allocator to get cases to distribute cases, streamlining management and improving resolution outcomes efficiently.
  • Robust Access and Compliance Management: Maintain tight control over user roles and permissions with access management and ensure compliance with integrated SLA Configurator tools.

Data, Integrations & Security

At Lucinity, we understand the importance of security for businesses of all sizes and regions. With us by your side, enjoy the confidence that comes from robust security measures, allowing you to focus on running your business with complete peace of mind

Trustworthy Operations & Ethical AI
  • Uncompromised Data Security: Lucinity ensures your data remains secure and confidential within your ecosystem, protected by our Microsoft AI cloud instance, guaranteeing it never leaves your control.
  • Certified and Trusted: Rely on Lucinity's operational excellence, validated by ISO and SOC Certifications. Stay updated on our data security standards with the Lucinity Trust Report. For further information, visit
  • Ethical AI with a Vision: Lucinity is committed to ethical practices, aiming to Make Money Good. Discover our approach at Lucinity's Ethical AI Pledge.
Seamless Integration
  • Plug-and-Play Connectivity: Integrate effortlessly with third-party services via RESTful and Webhook APIs.
  • Tailored Copilot Skills: Customize and enhance your Lucinity experience with configurable Copilot skills, creating new abilities for seamless third-party service integrations.
  • Continuous Innovation: Embrace Continuous Deployment for your platform, ensuring uninterrupted service and the seamless introduction of advanced features.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Building on our strategic partnership with Microsoft, Lucinity is available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Join forces with two industry leaders to elevate your compliance and financial crime prevention efforts, ensuring a future of efficiency, security, and unmatched intelligence.

Seamless Integration and Smart Billing on Azure
  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate Lucinity with your existing Azure workflows through our user-friendly Microsoft Azure Marketplace connection.
  • Optimized Billing: Manage costs and track expenses easily with Lucinity's solutions, integrated into Azure's billing system for financial clarity and control.
  • Leverage Azure Commits: Utilize your pre-purchased Azure capacity to its fullest with Lucinity, ensuring cost-efficient scalability and reliability.
Flexible Pricing and Trusted Compliance
  • Flexible Pricing Models: Select from pay-as-you-go, upfront payments, or committed usage options to find a cost-effective pricing plan that fits your operational scale.
  • Certified on Azure Marketplace: Lucinity is Azure-certified, assuring high-quality, secure solutions that meet rigorous standards for compliance and financial crime prevention.

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