Celebrating Tess: A New Chapter in Leadership and Innovation at Lucinity

We're thrilled to announce Tess Bercich's promotion to Chief Product Officer and her new role as a Co-Founder at Lucinity. Her talent has been vital to our growth and we're excited for what's next with Tess leading the way.

Guðmundur Kristjánsson (GK)
2 min

Today marks a special day at Lucinity as we celebrate Theresa (Tess) Bercich stepping into a new and exciting role within our team. Tess has been an incredible part of our team from the start, and I'm thrilled to announce her promotion to Chief Product Officer (CPO) and recognition as a Co-Founder of Lucinity.

Over the past five years, Tess’s role has been central to Lucinity's journey from a small startup in Reykjavik to a globally recognized name. She joined us early on, inspiring the team with her energy and innovative ideas that have shaped who we are. Tess is dedicated to developing technology that’s intuitive and empowering for our customers, reflecting our core belief in being 'Simply Human'— making information easily accessible for everyone to make well-informed decisions.

Right from the start, Tess and I worked closely to develop Luci, our AI copilot. This initiative has been a key milestone for us, underscoring Tess's belief in the powerful combination of human and AI intelligence—a concept we refer to as 'Shared Intelligence.' The successful launch of the Luci copilot has distinguished Lucinity within the tech industry, garnering recognition from authoritative voices like Sifted and Gartner and establishing a significant partnership with Microsoft. 

Tess's leadership style is characterized by 'Quiet Strength.' She leads with a blend of creativity and steadfastness, but it's her calm and effective manner that exemplifies the values we hold dear at Lucinity—collaborative teamwork, simplicity, and the drive to make a meaningful impact.

Tess is a true representation of what we stand for at Lucinity. Through all her work, she brings to life our values of 'Shared Intelligence,' 'Simply Human,' and 'Quiet Strength'. Her journey from a data scientist to VP of Product, and now to CPO and Co-Founder, mirrors the growth and dynamic evolution of Lucinity itself.

Promoting Tess to Chief Product Officer and naming her as a Co-Founder is a choice to honor her significant contributions to Lucinity and my trust in her plans for our path ahead. Her story encourages us all to work harder toward our goal to Make Money Good. I'm eager to see how Tess will continue making a difference in our company and for our customers.

Please join me in congratulating Tess on her well-deserved promotion and celebrating her new role as a Co-Founder.

 Warm Regards,


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