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Lucinity was founded in 2018 to Make Money Good by delivering an open productivity platform for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) teams. Our continuous learning platform combines the best of artificial intelligence and human ingenuity to allow any AML team – from big banks to fintechs – to quickly and precisely tackle the ever-evolving threat of money laundering. We are a bunch of ambitious people with all kinds of experience that share a passion for impacting the world through the business of shining a light on dark finance.

About the role

About you

You have a deep passion for building products that change the world through usability, insights, and seamless continuous delivery. You have a deep passion for building simple-to-use systems that work with humans, not against them. Your approach is to prioritize open collaboration to achieve the best solution. It is a belief that by sharing data and knowledge, you can accelerate progress.

You build solid cross-functional teams that love working together while building human-centric products. You have a deep passion for engineering and data science, and you know how to make the two worlds work seamlessly together. You have experience and passion for scaling your teams across skills, size, and locations. You rise to challenges and get your hands dirty, proving that you can contribute as well as give direction.

You are a self-assured technology evangelist, and you are ready to be a driving force behind the brand’s technical prowess and insight. You don’t need to come from a compliance/AML tech background; in fact, we would prefer it if you didn’t! We are giving a fresh look at what needs to be delivered to the market, and we want you to continue to take our products to the next level.

What you have experienced before

  • You know what great looks like or have proven to solve complex problems using innovative thinking.
  • You are coming from organizations that have done well on user experience, automation, product-led self-service, developer experience, and artificial intelligence/augmented intelligence
  • You have managed multi-track roadmaps, tasks & deadlines.
  • You have experience/understanding across the entire product & technology stack - product management, engineering, data science, and DevOps.
  • You have a B2B SaaS background or relevant B2C SaaS full-service background.
  • You can operate at a strategic level - e.g., demonstrate value creation through improved customer experience and product creation.
  • You have a high level of emotional intelligence and are confident in building high-performing teams where people flourish.

Want to Make Money Good with us?

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Our People

We Make Money Good by helping banks and fintechs understand customer behavior so they can discover money laundering activity. Being a Lucinian comes with glorious purpose, challenging and creative work, and fantastic vibes added for good measure

Our Values

Continuous learning is a cornerstone embedded into our product, ingrained in our culture, and manifested in our logo. Beyond the cornerstone, our values govern our actions and ensure clear strategic direction.

Our Product

We believe that the magic happens at the intersection of man and machine.
At Lucinity, we use Human AI to explain AI findings so that every compliance professional can take on financial crime with the help of technology