Actor intelligence

Step into a world of limitless insights with Lucinity's Actor Intelligence. Maximize your understanding of customers and unlock the true potential of your business while reducing reliance on external systems.

Effortlessly manage risk

  • Stay ahead of risk and harness Lucinity's Perpetual KYC and CDD Insights for risk mitigation
  • Stay protected and effortlessly assess risk levels in comparison to peer groups and the wider population using Lucinity's intuitive risk matrix
  • Leverage multidimensional risk scoring to assess risk from diverse perspectives and uncover deeper insights

Everyone's story is unique

Lucinity helps you make sense of that story. Understand customer information through engaging narratives and compelling data visualizations. Harness the power of generative AI for informed decision-making with ease.

Really understand your customers

  • Gain a comprehensive view of your customers' profiles and unify KYC data for a complete picture
  • Effortlessly decode complex information and intuitively interpret data through visual displays
  • Explore granular details with one-click drill-downs, empowering thorough analysis and precise decision-making
Our secret sauce

Supercharge your insights with Luci

Your AI copilot. Get ready to unlock a new era of efficiency and streamline FinCrime prevention efforts with Luci, by your side.

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