Lucinity is sponsoring the Anti-Financial Crime Summit!

Lucinity is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Anti-Financial Crime Summit on November 8th-9th at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London, with more than 300 financial crime professionals in attendance. The event will explore the methodologies criminals are using and how technology, data, and insights can be leveraged to fight financial crime. Key topics of discussion include: regulations, FRAML, data sharing, and technology.

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Join us for Frozen Margaritas!

Visit Lucinity's booth during the evening networking session from 5:30 to 6:40 pm. We're shaking up the standard networking scene with frozen margaritas and a prize wheel where you can win some free swag.

It's the perfect way to end the event with networking opportunities, cocktails, and great music. Don't miss the chance to connect with industry peers and enjoy a fun-filled evening!

About the Anti-Financial Crime Summit

Despite concerted global efforts and billions spent, financial crime remains a persistent challenge, with criminals continually innovating to infiltrate the world's financial systems. This summit serves as a pivotal platform to understand the latest criminal methodologies and to explore cutting-edge technologies and strategies in financial crime prevention. Learn how advancements in data and technology can empower risk and compliance groups to make a tangible impact, not only in combating economic crime but also in averting global crises.

Introducing Luci: Your FinCrime Prevention Copilot

Stop by our booth for an incredible opportunity to witness the Luci copilot in action! Luci is the first generative AI copilot of its kind, transforming financial crime prevention and compliance.

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