Great data stories. Great beer. Great company.

DataBeers started in Madrid in 2014 and has since then spread all over the world, including Iceland. DataBeers is a recurring free event in Reykjavik, Iceland that is open to anyone. The purpose of this event is to connect over a couple of beers and tell each other data stories.

Every event starts with 1-2 beers, followed by 3-4 short non-commercial data stories in a PechaKucha style format (7 minutes each), finishing with 1-2 beers. Very casual stuff.

We have an exciting line-up of speakers! Expect to hear data stories from:

  • Óli Páll @ Lucinity
  • Brynjólfur Gauti @ Hjartavernd
  • Þóra Guðfinnsdóttir @ Avo
  • Pálmi Símonarson @ Orkuveita

Interested in attending?

September's Data Beers session will be hosted by Lucinity in our HQ. Space is limited so make sure to RSVP through the registration form below!

  • Date: Friday, September 16th
  • Time: 5:30-7:30 pm GMT
  • Location: Lucinity HQ - Borgartuni 25, Floor 7, Reykjavík, Capital Region, IS

Meet Lucinity at the event!

This event is a great opportunity to meet our team, experience our workplace, and learn more about life at Lucinity! Talented and passionate, Lucinians are essential to the mission of stopping crime that fuels crime. Being a Lucinian comes with glorious purpose, challenging and creative work, and fantastic vibes added for good measure.

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