FinCrime Leaders Dinner

Lucinity and GRC World Forums invite you to join our exclusive FinCrime Leaders Dinner at the Ivy!

Location:   The Ivy Market Grill, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8PS
Date: Thursday July 7, 19:00 BST
Hosted by:  Lucinity and FinCrime (GRC World Forums)
Cost: Free of charge

Let's discuss

I would like to invite you to this FinCrime Leaders Dinner to hear what you have to say about the AML efficiency gap. We believe that banks have the opportunity to not only improve the efficiency of their AML monitoring and compliance risk processes but also to transform compliance operations from cost centers to revenue-generating business assets. ‘Human AI,’ an AI-driven AML solution that uses best-in-class technology to empower human expertise, is the key to opening up the isolated silos of KYC, risk systems, and transaction monitoring tools to enable better performance for AML compliance teams and improved operational aspects for the financial institution as a whole. We look forward to hearing your ideas of how to create greater internal transformation within your AML compliance teams and leverage the latest data science and technology to improve the detection of illicit activities.

I look forward to chatting with you further!
GK, Founder and CEO of Lucinity

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Want to play around with our platform in the meantime?

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