Empowering your firm and your people through AI

AI adoption is increasing across all areas of financial crime compliance and has the potential to revolutionize many areas of anti-financial crime programs. However, there is also a perception that AI can be a black box, and that a rush to adoption may exclude essential human inputs, expertise, and insights.

In this webinar, Lucinity and FINTRAIL discuss how you can maximize the benefits of AI while finding the best balance with expert human knowledge and decision-making to empower your AML teams.

Meet our speakers

In this webinar, we had an incredible line of speakers share their insights on augmented intelligence.

Jan Philippaerts
VP Ops Strategy and Execution at Currencycloud
Webinar panelist

James Nurse
Managing Director at Fintrail
Webinar panelist

Jeremy Doyle
VP Enterprise and Partnerships at Lucinity
Webinar panelist

Maya Braine
Managing Director at Fintrail
Webinar moderator

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