Meet Luci: Your AI-powered copilot

Welcome to the future with Luci - redefining how compliance professionals do their jobs. No more countless hours spent on data analysis; Luci delivers key insights within minutes. Luci makes navigating the complexities of financial crime prevention simpler and more efficient. It's more than just a step forward—it's a groundbreaking leap into a new era of work.

Luci unravels complexity

Luci unlocks information

Luci shows you the way

Luci enhances narration

Will Staples
Group MLRO, Currencycloud
Luci will be a game-changer for us. Its ability to transform complex AI findings into actionable insights will empower our team to make faster, more informed decisions, saving valuable time and resources in our fight against financial crime.

Customer Trials Underway

Luci has journeyed from concept to reality in the Lucinity Lab. Our first lab customers, Currencycloud, a Visa Solution, and Arion Banki, will be harnessing Luci's potential, demonstrating its profound impact on decision-making and analyst consistency.

Read more about the journey of Luci from the founder of Lucinity.

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Our team can answer any questions you have about Luci, the Lucinity platform, and how we can support your compliance needs.

Built on trust

Developed with Lucinity's proprietary Copilot technology and Microsoft's Azure OpenAI, Luci ensures secure and responsible AI development. Offering top-tier protection for your sensitive data, Luci aligns with the highest security standards while providing transformative services.

Committed to responsible AI innovation

At Lucinity, we believe in the power of AI to build a better world. Guided by our Ethical AI Pledge, Luci is a testament to our unwavering commitment to responsible AI development.

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