Lucinity and Experian FinCrime Webinar

Join Lucinity's Theresa Bercich and Jeremy Doyle at the Experian FinCrime Insights Webinar on March 23rd, 2022 at 2pm.

Meet our speakers at the Experian webinar

Theresa Bercich

Theresa Bercich is VP of Product at Lucinity. In her role, she is responsible for continuously innovating the Lucinity Platform and creating the Lucinity product strategy. She champions the seamless relationship between the Lucinity Platform and its users and new approaches to leverage the power of Human AI.

Jeremy Doyle

Jeremy has over 14 years of RegTech experience gained at software companies, including IBM and NICE Systems. His roles have seen him work with significant investment and commercial banks worldwide, providing expertise in the transformation of AML and Conduct Risk processes through the application of technology solutions. Jeremy is responsible for client development and customer success at Lucinity.

Lucinity + Experian

We are delighted to announce the new strategic partnership between Lucinity and Experian. Lucinity's Actor Intelligence interface will further unlock the power of Experian's business intelligence data and drive substantial productivity gains, speeding up our client's ability to identify and understand business risk exposure and opportunities in ways not possible before. Read more about Lucinity's partnership with Experian in the Lucinity Insight section.