Lucinity’s unique experience in banking, compliance, regulation and data science has helped us develop a new approach to tackling money laundering – harnessing the best of human intelligence and augmenting it with advanced AI.

Our simple-to-use systems work with analysts, not against them, complementing their skills and making them superheroes to take on financial crime, saving institutions time and money in the process.

We believe that by transforming AML, we can have a tremendous positive impact on society. Money laundering is a crime that fuels crime. That is why we set out on the mission of making money good.

Founder & CEO

Our values

Quiet Strength

Quiet Strength is how we empower our customers in the fight against financial crime

It is fortitude without the need for fame or fight. It is determination that is considered, not combative. It is anchored in our roots as an Icelandic company.

Empathetic Innovation

Empathetic Innovation is technological development designed around people

It is first-hand experience that enables us to understand the wants and needs of our customers. It is a commitment to developing solutions that are ruthlessly focused on helping people. It is the application of expertise to drive human progress as well as profit.

Shared Intelligence

Shared Intelligence means playing to our respective strengths - man and machine - to achieve a greater whole

It is using AI technology to augment and advance human intelligence, not replace it. It is an approach that prioritises open collaboration to achieve the best solution. It is a belief that by sharing data and knowledge, we can accelerate progress together.

“At Lucinity, we are using AI to empower humans – not replace them,
while striving towards a more trustworthy
financial system.”

Anush Vasudevan, Head of Engineering

“Everything we do should be about using our expertise to make a difference for the better.”

Theresa Bercich, Principal Data Scientist

“This is about fighting the good fight by doing our jobs brilliantly and empowering our customers to do the same.”

Justin Bercich, Head of AI

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Everything we do should be about using our expertise to make a difference for the better.

Theresa Bercich, Principal Data Scientist