Faster, smarter AML transaction monitoring

Let's reduce your case work by 50%

  • 4 times more true positive alerts than any legacy solution
  • 40x+ behavioral insights for continuous, risk-based monitoring
  • Automated SAR management and compilation  

Use a transaction monitoring software that works for you

Applying relevant detection techniques is crucial to effective AML transaction monitoring. Behavior analysis raises your perspective from fragmented slivers of data to a unified horizon, and lets you see patterns in context. Lucinity's transaction monitoring uses explainable data models with transparent AI algorithms that learn from your feedback and your customers' behavior.

It flattens your case work by up to 50%, and provides 4 times more true positive alerts than any legacy solution.

Transaction monitoring

Using augmented intelligence, we are revolutionizing how financial institutions approach, understand, and deal with the ever-evolving threat of money laundering.

Actor Intelligence

Gain a holistic view of your customers based on comprehensive data analysis. Understand their risk and enhance your AML compliance programs.

SAR Manager

Protect your company through efficient SAR management that unlocks the true potential of your AML investigators.