2022: Welcome to the future

Welcome to the future of AML, we’re delighted to have you with us!

Greg Fazekas
Greg Fazekas
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Happy New Year!

As we emerge from the holidays, the new year is a good opportunity to look ahead and assess the challenges that lie ahead.

Our past...

Money laundering has been a serious issue in 2021, just like it was in the years before. And when we say “serious,” we mean the “2 and a half-trillion dollars a year”-type of serious.

As technology evolves, so does the toolset of money launderers. But so does the toolset of those whose job is to combat financial crime. Lucinity has been building that toolset for compliance professionals, to not only give them a fair chance but a definitive advantage.

Our technology is your chief weapon against financial crime. Compliance professionals can finally match, and even outpace, the opposition.

... becomes our future

In 2021, our efforts to make AML technology simply human yet elaborately effective has been recognized by many of the most innovative financial brands around the world. And any innovator will agree that their success is not about how new your tools are, but about finding new ways to use them.

So how about a tool that’s really, really old: the ancient concept of the lever. The right lever, using the right support, can move the world.

Perhaps surprisingly, financial institutions already possess the metaphorical lever to move the world-sized problem of money laundering: data. But a lever is no good on its own.

Traditionally, compliance teams used data not as a lever but as a needle. Their immense customer data was used merely to poke at fleeting signs of dirty money. As their data grew exponentially, lacking the right tools to process it, banks resorted to adding more and more people to sift through it and find financial crime lurking between the numbers.

But such linear efforts can never solve an exponentially growing problem. Throwing more people, more time, more effort just doesn’t scale. Instead of continuing to play this desperate game of whack-a-mole, Lucinity set out to change the game, and help financial institutions use their data right.

End-to-end AML compliance with Lucinity

With Lucinity’s AI-powered platform as the support, placed at the right position under the transactional data, banks and fintechs can use their data as a lever instead, and lift money laundering into the light.

In physics terms, our customers can apply a small force (literally a press of a button) over a long distance (a lot of data), and turn it into a large force over a small distance (the SAR report) to exert an impact previously impossible.

In simple terms, we help you make sense of the data you have, unchaining and maximizing the value that thus far has been locked away from you.

Make Money Good in 2022

We hope you’ve had a peaceful and restful holiday season. But the work beckons, and financial crime never sleeps. You will, however, be able to rest easier in 2022 with Lucinity watching over your money. Money that you can help make good.

Welcome to the future of AML, we’re delighted to have you with us!

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