Sustaining Trust with Customer Success

Lucinity's Head of Customer Success, Cate Wright, discusses how Lucinity puts customer AML compliance needs first.

Cate Wright
2 min

“There are no successful businesses without successful customers, Cate,” is the most important piece of advice I received in my career."

Every new business has a focus on growth, whether to thrive or survive, the goal is the same. The only thing that differs is the way you choose to achieve it.

The path to success that Lucinity has chosen is the reason I am here. Lucinity has chosen a path of high moral standards, excellence in everything we do, and uncompromised values. The benefit of this path is not just winning business but the sustainability of that business. So often “buzz words” are thrown around: trust, collaboration, transparency. They are just that - words used in presentations and sales decks because it’s what customers want to hear.

Or is it? No, it’s not.

They’re bored of hearing it; they want to see it. In a previous life, I was a customer, wading through the muddy waters of the vendor world, trying to distinguish between the sales pitch and reality. In fact, this is what drove me to Customer Success, a hunger to do it better.

“Better” means not just telling the customer what you are. It’s demonstrating who you are, what you’ve done, and where you’ve invested. That’s the difference between a vendor and a partner. Trust is built through tangible actions and investments in the areas that matter to our customers. I have the exciting opportunity to do so within Lucinity and build a customer success program that aligns with what I know, first-hand, our customers want.

Lucinity’s unfaltering focus is on the overall experience of our customers. We focus on being a partner, not just another vendor, which is why our customer base is sustainable. A consistently positive customer experience both in our products and our services leads to organic growth, loyalty, and advocacy. A positive customer experience is the key ingredient to recurring revenue and growth, as well as nurturing new business conversations.

In a competitive market, customers will review their options regularly and will be asked by stakeholders to review all options. At this point, my goal is not to have the question be “why should I stay?,” but for it to be “why would I leave?” to which the answer will be “I wouldn’t, Lucinity cares about my success, has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to solving my problems, and I trust them.”

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