Lucinity + Experian: partners in fighting FinCrime, to host webinar

An exclusive webinar to learn from some of the most renowned experts in the field of AML compliance.

Greg Fazekas
Greg Fazekas
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Lucinity is proud to bring VP of Product Theresa Bercich and VP of Customers Jeremy Doyle to the FinCrime Insights webinar by Experian, as the two businesses engage in a strategic partnership to fight financial crime.

FinCrime Insights

Join an exclusive webinar to learn from some of the most renowned experts in the field of AML compliance, including guest speakers from PwC and industry expert Graham Barrow. You’ll have the opportunity to explore how Lucinity, Experian, and other technology partners can support you in your FinCrime compliance and detection journey.

The webinar starts at 2pm, followed by three Innovation Showcase sessions running concurrently.

An unmissable event with industry experts coming together to spark powerful conversations. Register for the webinar today!

A match to have financial crime find its match

Lucinity develops an intuitive, end-to-end AML platform to empower compliance investigators with best-in-class technology in their fight against financial crime. Experian is the leading UK firm to utilize data for the benefit of their customers, be it through credit scoring or fighting financial crime by leveraging their tremendous data capabilities, and the good of the world.

Together, Lucinity and Experian are delighted to form a new strategic partnership. Lucinity’s Actor Intelligence interface will further enhance and bring to life the power of Experian’s business intelligence data and afford substantial productivity gains.

This partnership will speed up our clients’ ability to identify and understand business risk exposure and opportunities in ways not possible before and deliver operational and business gains for both companies. Moreover, financial criminals will find the combined strengths of Lucinity and Experian to narrow their illicit activities considerably.

Join Lucinity’s experts and Experian

Join Lucinity’s Theresa Bercich and Jeremy Doyle at the Experian FinCrime Insights Webinar on March 23rd, 2022 at 2pm.

Theresa is VP of Product at Lucinity, responsible for continuously innovating the Lucinity Platform and championing the seamless relationship between Lucinity and its users. Jeremy is responsible for client development and customer success at Lucinity, with over 14 years of RegTech experience.

Together, Tess and Jeremy will offer their expertise in the transformation of AML through technology solutions.

This is a must-attend expert event, so secure your spot fast.

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