Lucinity Wins the Microsoft Partner Awards for 2024 for Partner of the Year - Iceland and Sustainability and Social Impact

Lucinity wins the Microsoft Partner Awards for 2024, taking home Partner of the Year - Iceland and the Sustainability and Social Impact awards. Leveraging Microsoft Azure, Lucinity continues to lead in financial crime prevention with innovative AI solutions and significant societal contributions.

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Reykjavik, Iceland, May 28, 2024 — Lucinity, a leading AI company for financial crime prevention, won two awards at the Microsoft Partner Awards for 2024, including Partner of the Year - Iceland and Sustainability and Social Impact, highlighting Lucinity’s innovations and contribution to positive societal change. 

"Congratulations to Lucinity for being recognized as the Partner of the Year - Iceland 2024! Lucinity is leading digital transformation and delivering innovative products in their domain,” says Microsoft’s leadership.

For the past year, they have played a key role with their offerings, skilled resources, and their ability to drive change and innovative solutions both locally in Iceland and across the globe. Lucinity has had significant social impact and growth while supporting our joint customers in their AI-transformation journeys."

Lucinity wins Microsoft's Partner of the Year Award - Iceland

In June 2023, Lucinity launched the world's first copilot for financial crime prevention powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI called Luci. Luci stands out in the financial services industry with specialized skills for FinCrime prevention such as adverse media checks, case analysis, and SAR writing. 

Built on the robust and scalable Microsoft Azure platform, Lucinity offers customers a trusted SaaS product. Additionally, Lucinity's presence on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace allows companies to leverage their Microsoft Azure credits to access the platform. 

The seamless integration with Microsoft's Azure stack has enabled Lucinity to implement advanced AI capabilities, fostering rapid innovation and enabling banks and fintech companies to utilize AI securely and audibly. Furthermore, Luci significantly reduces investigation times from 30 hours to just 30 minutes, saving Tier 1 banks an estimated $100 million annually in productivity gains.

Guðmundur Kristjánsson (GK), Lucinity's Founder and CEO comments, “These awards are a testament to the strength and reliability of our solutions, made possible by our strategic partnership with Microsoft. Utilizing Microsoft Azure, we have been able to drive rapid innovation and create a robust, scalable platform that meets the rigorous requirements of compliance teams.” 

On the Sustainability and Social Impact Partner Award, Microsoft says, “Financial crime profoundly impacts our global community, with far-reaching economic, security, and social implications. It can harm a country's reputation and increase exposure to criminal activities, emphasizing the critical need for robust anti-money laundering initiatives and persistent vigilance. Lucinity, with their innovative AI solutions, has really tried to combat this huge global challenge. They use 'Human AI' to enhance financial crime prevention, combining AI with human expertise for efficient, user-friendly solutions. Additionally, Lucinity has developed a tool called Luci, an AI-powered copilot that helps transform financial crime prevention from a process that took hours to one that takes minutes."

Lucinity wins Microsoft's Sustainability and Social Impact Award

About Lucinity

Lucinity is a leader in generative AI technologies for financial institutions, designed to accelerate workforce efficiency. Its platform features Luci, an AI copilot that transforms complex investigations into concise, actionable insights. Lucinity enhances intelligence gathering, analysis, and decision-making, allowing institutions to streamline operations and reduce costs. As an open, configurable, no-code platform, Lucinity offers a seamless integration of data, automated workflows, and a modern user interface, making it a crucial tool for enhancing productivity and operational efficiency in the financial sector.

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