Announcing the Lucinity SAR Manager

The Lucinity SAR Manager is a modern, intuitive, and enjoyable solution for compliance professionals to finally be able to file SARs efficiently.

Celina Pablo
3 min

We're proud to announce the release of the Lucinity SAR Manager, the latest step on our mission to Make Money Good.

Productivity and user experience are tangible business benefits, not added values

Productivity and good user experience (UX) have been long overlooked in AML compliance. From rigid transaction monitoring systems to overcomplicated case review procedures, compliance teams face hurdles every step on the way. Including the final, definitive step of any AML investigation: filing suspicious activity reports.

Suspicious activity reports are the universal measurement of anti-money laundering efforts, and have long been plagued by a lack of tools that promote productivity. Investigating money laundering is a complex and challenging task in itself, and not having effective tools to file SARs can undo all that hard work at the last step.

The Lucinity SAR Manager changes all that. It offers a modern, intuitive, and enjoyable solution for compliance professionals to finally be able to file SARs efficiently.

The SAR Manager you always wanted

When designing and developing the SAR Manager, the productivity of AML investigators was imperative. SARs represented hours spent on tedious and error-prone tasks dealing with highly technical formats and outdated web forms. Instead, AML investigators should focus on applying their expertise where it matters, making decisions aided by technology made specifically for them.

In the Lucinity platform, AML professionals can easily review and manage suspicious cases built automatically for them using transaction alerts based on behavior detection and continuous, risk-based scoring using the Actor Intelligence, Transaction Monitoring, and Case Workboard features.

We built the SAR Manager to complement our endlessly scalable and efficient transaction monitoring and case review tools, using proven methodologies from our AML platform such as design thinking, contextualization of data, and the smart automation of repetitive and tedious processes.

The SAR Manager then collates the relevant information across the platform of escalated cases, and displays it in a configurable, intuitive UI that fits the needs of every team or even individual investigator:

The Lucinity SAR Manager offers purpose-built features to make SAR filings as streamlined as possible:

  • Intuitive, purpose-built SAR UI with a clean SAR preview and easy editing
  • Creative data visualization for enhanced contextual decision-making
  • Complete data lineage across the Lucinity platform
  • Easy case escalation workflows for multi-level SAR reviews
  • Straight-through SAR filings to FinCEN and authorities using goAML

Business benefits beyond the SAR

As a standard metric for regulatory performance, efficient management of SARs is crucial for banks to fulfill their obligations. The Lucinity SAR Manager provides operational tools for financial institutions to organize, manage, and track regulatory obligations and key performance indicators.

Productivity and business benefits together with the Lucinity SAR Manager

Financial organizations can enjoy the same productivity and efficiency that is afforded to their AML investigators, to understand compliance's performance and ROI better.

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Sign up today and see how the Lucinity SAR Manager can be a true cornerstone tool for your organization and supercharge productivity in AML to Make Money Good.

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