One Copilot for All: Introducing Luci's System-Agnostic Plugin

I'm excited to announce Luci's new system-agnostic AI copilot plugin, designed to integrate effortlessly with any financial institution's existing tech stack, boosting productivity by up to 90%

System agnostic GenAI works with existing platforms and will blow your mind

For financial institutions, the pressure to implement an AI solution is on. In my years in finance, I’ve seen the process waste that can accumulate - pulling data from CRMs, third party vendors, several various Excel documents - all just to make one decision.

Last year, we launched the world’s first AI copilot for financial crime prevention, ‘Luci’, that lives within our Lucinity case management platform, analyzing data, gathering insights and automating tasks for financial crime analysts.

FIs see the millions of dollars being saved, and they understandably want a piece of the action. However, many of these financial institutions are already using enterprise applications - some have even started building their own case management systems. They weren’t ready for Lucinity, but they all said the same thing, “Can we get Luci?”

Well now, you can. This week we launched a new plugin Luci, that sits on top of any ecosystem. It is the industry’s easiest copilot for FIs to integrate into any existing enterprise software.

As it’s platform agnostic, the Luci copilot can plug into any tech stack with ease, from your case management system to excel to a CRM system. There is zero initial integration time for any out-of-the-box Luci skills like Deep Search, Transaction Summary, Negative News Search and more. FIs can now instantly implement AI and automation, resulting in a faster, more consistent workforce and productivity boosts of up to 90% almost immediately.


Luci Copilot Plugin

And how do we ensure Luci will provide the most up-to-date, relevant information? Well, with the new Luci Studio (coming in Q4), you control Luci's output. You can create skills in the Luci Studio to automate tasks by simply asking Luci to gather data from a wide variety of internal and external systems that you can specify yourself. This customization is facilitated through a drag-and-drop interface in a no-code environment. You can be confident in Luci’s results.

And finally, let’s talk about security. Lucinity uses state-of-the-art models like Microsoft Azure Open AI for secure infrastructure. Luci was developed within the world of compliance, ensuring maximum auditability with detailed Audit Log functionality. 

We just announced the new plug-in Luci at Money2020 Europe this week, and we’re thrilled to release it to all of you globally this Fall.

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