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May the Fourth be with you all, always.

Greg Fazekas
Greg Fazekas
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Many of us at Lucinity are huge fans of Star Wars. And come this May the 4th, the high holiday for many, we thought we’d imagine how money launderers would operate in that galaxy far, far away. And how we could help catching them – because whether Star Wars or real life, criminal behavior is the same.

We hope you enjoy this (obviously non-canon fan-fiction (Disney: if you like it, call us.)) snippet. And May the Fourth be with you all, always.


The Empire is no more! But the New Republic is far from peace, as criminal organizations make their way through the shadows to become an empire of sin on their own.

From a report in the Coruscant Chronicle:

"The Outer Rim is in turmoil. As the Empire's hold on the planets is released, the greedy grasp of the criminal underworld is felt tightening. As political uncertainty ripples from the Core Worlds, shady syndicates like the Hutt Cartel, the Pykes, and Black Sun intensify their efforts to infiltrate the hollowed-out Imperial administration.

While businesses across the galaxy celebrate commerce opening up after the Empire's monopolistic practices, credit flowing freely also creates far-reaching problems for corporate citizens of the fledgling Republic. Dirty money gained from illicit spice trade, smuggling, gambling, and other illegal activities is increasingly funneled through new or newly expanded legitimate businesses and the galaxy's financial institutions.

A representative for the New Republic said in a recent interview: 'While the Galactic Civil War has been the focus of the Rebel Alliance's leadership, there was also a strong mandate to prepare for after the victory. Transition of power always creates turmoil, and doubly so when replacing a corrupt and evil Empire with democracy. But we're prepared to shine a light into the darkness.'

More than a turn of phrase, the New Republic's regulatory bodies have embraced the almost literal meaning of the Light Side of the Force. The New Republic has begun to deploy its secret weapon against money launderers exploiting the weaknesses of this period: Lucinity.

'At first glance, Lucinity was but the right tool for solving the problem. But as we started to learn its ways, we realized that there was more behind it. It was almost magic, as if the Force itself guided it to right the wrongs across the galaxy's financial landscapes,' says Siot Lissiri, a Republic administrator appointed to one of the Outer Rim's large financial institutions headquartered on Naboo. 'This organization has been in the crossfire of Hutts, Pykes, and countless other criminal elements for years. The Empire turned a blind eye, and we've expected a drawn-out, desperate battle. But Lucinity made quick work of the situation.'

Lucinity, originating from an ice planet halfway between the Core Worlds and the Outer Rim, has been an invaluable weapon against the dark forces of the criminal underworld looking to take advantage of the chaos after the Empire's fall. Formed by veterans of financial safeguarding in the Old Republic, the company now looks to build a Jedi Council of sorts and Make Credits Good in the galaxy and beyond.

We deal with the citizens of the galaxy who want to live their lives free from the grasp of evil, whether that evil is the remnants of the Empire or criminals,” says Siot. “We need to safeguard the fortunes and futures of legitimate businesses, but the sheer size of the galaxy alone makes this difficult, even if the underground weren’t as nefariously smart as they are. However, with Lucinity, we can look for behavior, not individuals. It’s like using the Force to sense disturbances.

With shady dealings ongoing, the investigators of dirty credits have their work cut out for them, but armed with Lucinity their results speak for themselves. The New Republic may be still finding its footing to bring order to a galaxy long-suffering, but Lucinity is ready to shine a light into the darkness."


Karei Elrad, reporting for the Coruscant Chronicle and its affiliates.

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