Theresa Bercich: the new VP of Product @ Lucinity

She will be responsible for continuously innovating the Lucinity Platform and creating the Lucinity product strategy.

As the founder of Lucinity, nothing makes me happier than giving talent opportunity to shine.

Our mission to Make Money Good means not only creating tools to solve the problem of money laundering but also empowering professionals in the AML space. (As Ásdis Eir, our VP of People & Culture, has put it: “Good money starts with good people.”)

Theresa Bercich is one of those outstanding talents I’m privileged to work with. Since the beginning, in fact: Tess was one of the first employees of Lucinity. Her talent has propelled Lucinity and our products forward at every turn.

Tess has long been passionate about supporting financial institutions in better protecting themselves. She holds an MSc. in Machine Learning & Deep Learning from University College London and a Bachelor of Science from the Queen Mary University of London in Business Management. Her extensive experience in developing complex deep learning, unsupervised learning, imputation, image classification, feature extraction, and prediction models have served her throughout her career, including working as a Machine Learning Expert for REalyse.

From the start, she helped devise innovative ways to combat money laundering and fraud through user-friendly, thought-through designs paired with cutting-edge technology. Tess believes in the immediate need to act against money laundering, the crime that fuels crime, using best-in-class technology to support and empower human expertise.

As she put it: “I like to champion the seamless relationship between the Lucinity Platform and its users, and enjoy finding ever-new approaches to leverage the power of Human AI.

I want to congratulate Tess for her blazing accomplishments at Lucinity, as well as the work she continues to do. Her passion shines through our products and business results and is embedded in our DNA. Now her capabilities will help her soar even higher. In her new role as VP of Product at Lucinity, she will be responsible for continuously innovating the Lucinity Platform and creating the Lucinity product strategy.

I don’t know a better person to lead us into this new phase of the company, and I’m looking forward to continuing working with her and her team to Make Money Good.

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