Yaron Morgenstern joins Lucinity’s board

We are thrilled to announce Yaron Morgenstern as Lucinity’s newest board member.

Guðmundur Kristjánsson (GK)
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Yaron Morgenstern

We are thrilled to announce Yaron Morgenstern as Lucinity’s newest board member. Yaron brings vast experience from a multitude of relevant fields such as product management, SaaS, go-to-market, and general management. He will be an active advisor relating to strategic decisions and give further strength to a diverse board.

Yaron has been the CEO at Glassbox, the leading provider of Digital Customer Management solutions since October 2015. Before joining Glassbox, Yaron served as General Manager of Financial Markets Compliance at NICE Systems. He led both the NICE Trading Floors and the NICE Actimize Capital Markets Compliance groups. There he was responsible for the execution of the unique Holistic Surveillance vision that combines trading and communication surveillance capabilities.

Yaron commented:

“I’m very excited about joining Lucinity’s board. I know GK personally from our time together at NICE and have full faith in his vision. Lucinity built a technology that disrupts the AML market and delivers substantial efficiency gains to financial firms around the world. The company is built around a tight-knit value proposition that resonates with these organizations and the Lucinity team has a proven ability of execution.”

Gudmundur Kristjansson, Lucinity's founder and CEO commented:

"We are ecstatic about Yaron joining our board. He will bring international experience in various aspects of our business and give further strength to a very proficient board. There is tremendous value in his product and strategic insight while his understanding and network will definitely have a positive influence on Lucinity's go-to-market."

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