Lucinity helps Pleo scale further

Lucinity's best-in-class AI will provide greater efficiency and productivity for Pleo's compliance professionals. A dynamic and modern approach to transaction monitoring, Lucinity can be scaled rapidly, with no impact on the security and integrity of existing AML processes: the ideal solution to support Pleo’s rapid expansion.

Smart spending solutions backed by smart AML tools

Pleo will be using Lucinity’s full AML compliance software, including Transaction Monitoring, Case Management, Actor Intelligence, and SAR Manager to handle suspicious activity reports (SARs). With simplicity and stability at the core of both Pleo and Lucinity’s products, Lucinity will enable Pleo’s compliance team to obtain actionable information through visually appealing and trusted technology.

About Pleo

Pleo is an out-of-the-box business spending solution that offers smart payment cards and automated expense reports for employees, enabling them to buy the things they need for work while giving finance teams full control and visibility of all company spending. 

Pleo catches receipts on the go, automatically categorizes expenses based on previous behaviour and eliminates the need for manual expense reports.  

20,000+ companies are using Pleo across six markets (UK, Denmark, Sweden, German, Ireland, and Spain). In 2020, Pleo was marked as a potential billion-dollar EU company by GP Bullhound.

Pleo + Lucinity:

AML for the modern FinTech

Lucinity shares Pleo's vision for progressive and smart solutions for forward-thinking customers

Central compliance hub

Lucinity’s collaborative approach and integration-friendly infrastructure adapts and scales with Pleo's needs

Open design

Lucinity integrates into the Danish Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and enables more efficient SAR management

Charlotte Lowry, Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) & Compliance Director at Pleo
"Lucinity’s AI-powered AML software ultimately drives a more intelligent and actionable approach to AML monitoring, something we were looking for as we scale with a robust AML compliance risk foundation in place."
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We encourage you to play around with our AML compliance software, and when the time comes we’ll configure the solution to support you on your individual journey.