Security and compliance is in our DNA

We come from top-tier banks and international regulators, so we take our tech very seriously.

Security Culture

Security is at the heart of the culture at Lucinity, and this is reflected in the hiring process, employee onboarding, training, and company events.

Data Privacy

Lucinity’s customers are always the owners of their data. At any time, customers can request a report on data processing or request their full data set to be delivered to them.

PII Security

With the Secure Lockbox, we remove and encrypt all personally identifiable information from your customers. Thus you can rest assured your data is secure within the Lucinity cloud.

Isolated Infrastructure for PII

Lucinity’s system for storing, decrypting, and transmitting PII runs in the Lucinity Secure Lockbox hosted on an isolated infrastructure and doesn’t share any credentials with Lucinity’s primary services.

Rigorous Compliance

Our customers have varying regulatory compliance needs depending on region, size, and financial activities. We are ISO 27001 certified and SOC 2 compliant.

Infrastructure Reliability

We have designed the Lucinity platform with reliability at its core. We utilize infrastructure as code, holistic logging and monitoring, scalable capacity management, self-recovering infrastructure components, and much more.

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