Reduce time and cost of AML risk assessment

Use a transparent AI to processes AML risk through 40x+ behavioral insights for complete coverage

Comprehensive AML risk assessment based on customer behavior

AML risk assessment can be centered around customers and peer groups using the power of behavior-based detection. Risk scores are calculated continuously and automatically, based on a multidimensional data matrix processed by transparent and explainable AI models that learn from your insights.

Lucinity's AML solution allows you to focus on making smarter decisions faster, and feed the AML risk assessment algorithms to further develop your risk scoring.

Transaction monitoring

Using augmented intelligence, we are revolutionizing how financial institutions approach, understand, and deal with the ever-evolving threat of money laundering.

Actor Intelligence

Gain a holistic view of your customers based on comprehensive data analysis. Understand their risk and enhance your AML compliance programs.

SAR Manager

Protect your company through efficient SAR management that unlocks the true potential of your AML investigators.