Anush Vasudevan joins Lucinity to head up engineering

We at Lucinity are incredibly thrilled to welcome Anush Vasudevan to the team.

We at Lucinity are incredibly thrilled to welcome Anush Vasudevan to the team. As of today, Anush will lead the engineering and data science of our AML Augmented Intelligence platform.

Lucinity founder & CEO Guðmundur Kristjansson (right) with Anush Vasudevan.

Bringing unique AML & AI execution experience

Anush brings a unique blend of subject matter expertise on AML behavior detection, productionization of AI at a large scale as well as many years of enterprise platform engineering. For the last 18 years, he has been in the financial services industry in a variety of leadership roles. Anush’s experience spans many business lines in large global financial institutions from consumer, institutional, cards, payment, and investment services. His specialty is conceptualizing turnkey solutions from vision to fruition. Most recently, he was instrumental in designing Citigroup’s AI-based surveillance solution for AML. At Citi, he built up and managed large high-velocity development and AI teams located across the globe.

Why Lucinity?

“What I found most compelling about Lucinity was the team, its clarity of vision, and the relevance of that vision to the current market needs. The current AML landscape is plagued with a high rate of false positives, enormous cost, and playing catch up with the way a customer transacts with financial firms. The vision of Lucinity is truly disruptive and has tremendous potential to be a game-changer in the AML market. I am extremely happy to be joining this vibrant global team.”

Invigoration @ Lucinity

We at Lucinity are incredibly thrilled to welcome Anush to the team. With Anush, our team that already boasts extensive successes in Compliance, AML, Finance, and Technology domains is getting even stronger.

This on top of our US $2m round (see here) of funding last week is a great step in our journey. Stay tuned…

The Lucinity team enjoying the Icelandic summer.

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