Good Money starts with Good People

For us, social responsibility isn’t and cannot be a checkbox to tick with a mere page on our website.

Lucinity is an interesting company. Lucinians (as we call ourselves) traverse a fascinating cross-section between technological innovation and building products that create a wider social good. We can’t build technology that also enacts social good without the expertise, aspiration, and responsibility of good people.

Good Money

Money laundering is a $2.4 trillion problem and “a crime that fuels crime.” Dirty money isn’t merely stolen but used to fuel heinous crimes such as drug and human trafficking and terrorism.

Tackling a problem as enormous and complex as money laundering requires clarity and humility. Most other technology companies can, and often do, innovate “because they can.” In the end, they can afford to let the market decide whether they are right or wrong.

Lucinity doesn’t have that luxury. To Make Money Good, we have a responsibility to not only our business but to our customers and society as a whole. We can’t use technology for technology’s sake, since if we fail it’s not only our immediate market that suffers.

For us, a good product isn’t simply something we sell but a tangible vehicle for empowering compliance professionals who are fighting against desperate odds day in and day out.

Good People

Just as we believe that empowering people is the key to fighting financial crime, we also know that we can’t build a product capable of creating social good without finding and empowering good people.

We are Lucinity

Lucinity’s culture has been at the center of all product and business development and continues to be a key component of our success. We built and keep building a team with both the expertise and the conviction to Make Money Good.

Lucinians believe in the enormous impact our product is capable of. Our regular pulse surveys show an overwhelmingly sense of inspiration by the purpose and mission of the company.

Everyone at Lucinity cares not only for the immediate benefit our product delivers and the revenue we as a business need to keep going but also for the larger social impact we make. For us, social responsibility isn’t and cannot be a checkbox to tick with a mere page on our website. We’re building a product that is a vehicle for social responsibility. We need our company culture to match our business aspirations to succeed.

And speaking of good people: what about you? Do you want to join a cutting-edge technology company with the responsibility to Make Money Good? Take a look at our job openings, and reach out!

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