Udi Nessimyan Joins Lucinity as President and Chief Revenue Officer

Udi Nessimyan is appointed as Lucinity's new President and Chief Revenue Officer. With a wealth of experience from various tech companies, Udi is responsible for developing Lucinity's GTM strategy and setting up the company for growth and long-term success.

I am thrilled to announce Udi Nessimyan as Lucinity’s new President and Chief Revenue Officer. Udi’s journey through the ranks of AI development at renowned tech firms, including his strategic contributions at Sealed.ai, Oracle, and Amazon Web Services, aligns perfectly with our core mission. At Lucinity, we believe in using AI to make people more efficient and effective in their work. Udi’s role will be crucial as we develop and deliver AI solutions that assist our clients in achieving excellence in their work. 

Udi has a proven track record of driving growth and innovation. Udi co-founded and served as CEO at Sealed.ai, where his leadership in creating a conversational AI platform set new standards for business communication. At Basis Technology, he was instrumental in orchestrating sales and operational strategies for flagship products like Rosette and other Cyber Forensics tools, achieving an impressive annual recurring revenue growth rate exceeding 30%. These accomplishments underscore Udi’s adeptness in managing and executing comprehensive Go-To-Market strategies.   

In his role at Lucinity, Udi will focus entirely on refining our approach to marketing, sales, and customer onboarding. His leadership will ensure that our innovative AI solutions reach and resonate with the right audiences, maximizing their impact and driving the adoption of our technology.  

Udi’s involvement is particularly crucial as we strive to make our AI tools more intuitive and impactful. His insights and direction will enhance our ability to deliver these technologies efficiently and effectively, aligning them closely with customer needs and industry demands. 

I am excited to have Udi steer our GTM strategy, deepening our longstanding commitment to unleashing human efficiency with AI. This vision has been at the heart of Lucinity since day one—creating AI that makes people better at what they do. With his leadership, we look forward to expanding the reach and impact of this vision. 

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our journey. 

Gudmundur Kristjansson (GK)
Founder and CEO, Lucinity

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