AML, meet AI

Augment the human in the loop with transparent AI

Faster, smarter AML with data-driven technology and transparent AI

AI can bridge the gap between criminals and investigators, but it’s only useful in the context of human insight and creativity. AI should not replace or steal jobs, but augment them: take over the tedious and labor-intensive data processing tasks and let humans guide it.

Lucinity aims to build trust and value through augmented intelligence that lets machines empower human insight, creating technology that exists to help and complement AML professionals – not replace them.

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Make Money Good

A comprehensive AML compliance solution

Transaction monitoring

Using augmented intelligence, we are revolutionizing how financial institutions approach, understand, and deal with the ever-evolving threat of money laundering.

Actor Intelligence

Gain a holistic view of your customers based on comprehensive data analysis. Understand their risk and enhance your AML compliance programs.

SAR Manager

Protect your company through efficient SAR management that unlocks the true potential of your AML investigators.